Wheelchair Basketball will begin again, October 2022.



Removing Barriers,

Creating Opportunities,

so that all may live healthier lives.




Scholarships are available, no one will be denied participation due to financial concerns. Disabled Veterans may play for free.



Who can


All ages, youth and adult. CO-ED Anyone who has a mobility challenge. Spina Bifida, Spinal cord injury, CP, Congenital limb issues, amputations, leg length discrepancy, short stature, Muscular dystrophy, Parkinson's, MS, motor Dyspraxia, limited range of motion, balance issues, post stroke

Individuals maybe independent ambulators, use assistive devices, or wheelchairs. You do not need to be a community wheelchair user to participate.

Learn to sport of Wheelchair Basketball, the "Grand Daddy" of all parasports.  Wheelchair basketball is a fast paced game which requires quick changes in speed and direction. You must learn to work with your teammates as you dribble, pass and shoot the ball.

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Did you know?

Wheelchair basketball was developed after World War II, when US veterans who were injuried in the war wanted to continue to play a sport that they loved.  The sport spread through out the world. The Wheelchair basketball was introduced at the Paralympics in 1960, and women started playing in the paralympics in 1968. Team USA has won the gold medal 9 times and are the defending champions.



Do I have to be a full time wheelchair user to play?

                    NO! You do not need to be a full time user of a wheelchair. You can play wheelchair basketball if you have mobility issues that prevent you from playing stand up basketball.                   

I don't have a sports chair, can I still play?

YES! We have sports chairs for you to use.


I have never played basketball, can I still join?

Everyone started playing when they had no experience. Don't worry, we will teach you how to maneuver your chair and how to play the game. You will be amazed at how fast you pick up new skills.


I am not sure if I can play  basketball.

Not sure if you will be able to do a new activity? You are not alone, many are apprehensive to try something new. Take the challenge! We offer a "No Risk Guarantee ". If you find that we are not able to accommodate you so that you can participate we can offer a refund.





The RULES for Wheelchair basketball are very similar to standup basketball with the same point structure. The court is the same size, and the hoop is 10 feet high. During play the ball is allowed to rest in the lap or be carried for two pushes and then must be dribble or the player will be called for a traveling violation.

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STAR makes it easy to try a new sport. We supply sport wheelchairs, balls, and great coaches. COME GIVE  IT A TRY! Learn a sport for your lifetime.

What To Bring

What are


  • Dress to move
  • Water bottle
  • Bike gloves
  • If you have a sport wheelchair  please to bring it.
  • A parent is welcome to attend.


Para Sports use classification to identify what limitations of function an athlete has, and how it effects their ability to play the game. This assure athletes are playing against opponents with similar abilities.

In wheelchair basketball players are classified on a point system from 1 to 4.5.  The lower the number the greater the physical chalenge.  A team consists of 5 players, the classication numbers must be 14 or less on the court at any one time.



In case of inclement weather, the STAR Association reserves the right to cancel a session.  Participants will be notified via TeamSnap.

The STAR Association follows CDC and State, and County Health Department recommendations for COVID Mitigation.  We recommend that all who are eligible to get a vaccine to do so.  Masks, Social Distancing and good hand washing will be required at all STAR programs.


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