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Coaches, Teachers, Health Professionals, and Students Volunteer Registration

Thank You for your interest in the STAR Association.  We are a volunteer driven non -profit that aims at removing the barriers to activity for those with disabilities, so they may lead active and healthy lives. We need people with all sorts of skill sets, from direct assistance with our participants, behind the scene organization, creative marketing,equipment maintenance, to fund raising, there are so many opportunities for you to get involved. Whether you are joining us for a one day event, or committing to a season, your involvement is greatly appreciated and helps reach our goal of  making us a more inclusive community. You do not have to have experience with adaptive activities, only a willingness to serve others.  We will train you.

Education is the second major goal of the STAR Association.  We offer educational sessions for area professionals and students to increase their understanding of individuals with challenges. You are an important link in improving the health of those with disabilities. By learning of the opportunities and the potential activities, we hope you will encourage your students and patients to get Moving Together.